Healthy Pets Club

Protect your pet. Spread the cost. Save money.

To help you save money and spread the cost of routine treatment, we have designed our own pet health scheme, the “Healthy Pets Club”.

The Healthy Pets Club includes:

  • FREE annual vaccination booster
  • FREE flea treatment
  • FREE worm treatment
  • FREE 6-month health check
  • 50% off microchipping
  • 50% off Kennel Cough vaccination
  • 10% off elective neutering procedures
  • 10% off all dental procedures
  • 10% off all food sales
  • 10% off all nurse clinics (anal gland emptying, nail trimming, etc.)

It’s a great way to spread the costs of preventative veterinary care for your pet. Membership starts from just £12 per month, with no age restrictions or joining fees.

Why not sign up today and start saving money? For more details call 01934 315 700 or tap the PetsApp button below to start a chat.


Yatton Vets

1 day 1 hour ago

It's now easier than ever to chat with a member of our Team! PetsApp has officially landed at Yatton Vets, enabling you to contact us at the click of a button without the hassle of taking time out of a meeting to call us. You can download the app here